Weyasey Blag Linux user and member of the Free Software Foundation


The main aim of Weyasey is to promote the use of Open Source Software, the Free Software Foundation and my favored distribution Blag.  I have tried several Linux variants at the start of my Open Source Operating System (OS)journey but settled very comfortable into using Blag after a friend introduced me to it and it's developer and creator Jebba.

The Blag community is a very friendly and helpful bunch who helped me with all aspects of getting to know the Linux OS, this was some seven years ago and although Jebba is no longer involved with Blag the distro has managed to continue thanks to several dedicated users of Blag.  The latest version of Blag can be downloaded from the Downloads page or www.blagblagblag.org.

There is a UK Blag community meeting open to anyone who have an interest in Linux and Open Source Software of any version.  The meeting are held every Thursday at 365 Brixton Road London SW9 starting at 19:30 and finish 23:00 but have been known to run until the next morning because of some addictive conversation or project.  These meetings have no strict structure and usually follows along the paths of the attendees issues problems or curiosities this results in a stress free and relaxing environment where we not only discuss computing technical subjects but everything relating world and social situations current and historical.

We all have (or should have) a mobile phone in these modern times and as a user of Linux OS your phone should be of the Android mobile OS so for those users who may need some help and information there are some links under the Howto tutorials on the right of the Welcome page.