Weyasey Blag Linux user and member of the Free Software Foundation


Welcome to users of BLAG and all other Linux distributions, Weyasey  hope we can be of help to all who need assistance with the use of Linux and other Open Source Software.

We will aim to provide information on all areas associated with the use of  Open Source Operating Systems and applications.  As you might have deduced by now there is a variant of Linux called BLAG, which has been my favorite distro for several years.  BLAG is closely associated with the Open Source organisation "Free Software Foundation" who have kindly provided the server on which the BLAG development is maintained, the FSF strictly adheres to the ideals that all software should be published under the GPL license.  For this reason BLAG is distributed without any installed proprietary software or firmware thus confirming our status as a "Free Open Source Linux Distro" .  The latest version of BLAG is available and can be downloaded from here or from the link Download BLAG OS under Blogroll, these are live iso images so you can try it on your system by burning a CD or make a bootable USB disk and if you like it, then install it to hard disk.

I have installed Blag-140K on two of my Thinkpads a T23 and a X61s, both are working but I am still in the process of getting them set up for my personal preferences.  Because I sometime use the X61s for my job it has to have the tools that I need to work as an IT professional, there are also applications that I need for recreation and entertainment hence my wife now use it for her computing needs.

Also have Blag-160K on a Thinkpad X60 which my partner use and is running extremely well a Thinkpad X61 that is running Blag-200K Alpha which is working flawless and a Thinkpad X220 with BLAG-200000-x86_64-MATE-Alpha.iso this is the main machine that I use everyday for work and entertainment.

Although I have installed Blag-140K-x86_64 to hard disk on the X61s, I have to confess to using a spare hard disk and keeping my original installation hard disk drive safe (just until I get the new installation as it should be).  Well this is how we should treat all our precious data "Back It Up" to avoid the wailing and gnashing of those pearly whites.

There is also a Clonzilla backup of the entire system residing safely on another storage device which means I can back up and running in a few hours should there be an accident or some sudden rush of blood to my crazy head, when I'm wielding that big sharp axe called "rm" carelessly if you get my drift.

As stated before, the aim is to provide some help to users of Linux so will post some howtos on getting my system to the state which is perfect for my all round laptop for work and relaxation.